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In 2006 Patty Greer entered her first UK Crop Circle. In 2007 she returned for more. Greer spent 9 weeks each summer on her own in the UK Crop Circles experiencing the heart pumping, goose-bumping energies. The formations were precise, meticulous and went on for acres. It was like nothing she had ever seen or felt before. She had a sense of being energetically re-calibrated in many of the formations, and they differed greatly.


From the beginning, Greer was intuitively drawn to the center of the Crop Circles and laid down. Nestled into the wheat, she passed out in 2007 and had an out-of-body-experience that changed the course of her life – and altered her perception of reality.


Patty took more than 1,100 incredible images of Crop Circles from the air and within the fields in 2007.  Moved to tell her story, Greer hired a UK film crew to interview her new friends in the Crop Circles; most of them being the top researchers in the world.  


6 months later Patty Greer completed her first (77 minute) documentary about the Crop Circles with no previous experience, training or interest in film making whatsoever. Every 6 months following that movie, for two years, Greer created a new documentary about UFOs, ETs and 2012. Patty bought her own movie camera after the first movie and has filmed the rest of them herself.


Greer learned a few harsh lessons from dishonest film industry people in the beginning, but took the lessons and moved on. Taking pause after creating (and paying for) 4 movies in a row, her focus for 2011 has been to share them with the world.


In early 2011 Patty signed a digital distribution deal and soon her movies will be seen on TV. Greer’s feminine and honest film making style has been honored with 6 prestigious awards and rave reviews from around the world. She has been interviewed on numerous alternative radio shows and is recently featured on the cover of UFO Magazine with a full story inside.


Patty was presented in Open Minds Magazine – March 2011 and has another story coming up in Telluride Style Magazine – November 2011.


“2012 – We’re Already In It” won the 2009 EBE Awards for ‘Best Feature Film-UFO or Related’ at the International UFO Congress Convention. It also won the Silver Sierra Award in Yosemite and sold out at the 2010 Glastonbury Symposium in England.


“Crop Circles 2010 Update – The Wake Up Call”  won the 2010 EBE Awards for ‘Best Feature Film-UFO or Related’ and ‘Best Musical Score Within a UFO Program’ at the International UFO Congress Convention.  It also won the 2010 the Moondance GAIA Award “Presented to the person who seeks to elucidate and improve the spiritual quality of all life on the planet, and contributes to the betterment of the world spirit.” Followed by the “Moondance Audience Favorite Documentary Film” award.

Patty Greer