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Wise , divine souls having been living on our earth for ages. After disclosure these souls will be ready to share their wisdom with us in order to help us all understand what needs to be done to prepare for Ascension. Although these souls may take the form of a young human being, they are very old souls who have been chosen. There is no question in our minds when we encounter one of these souls.


They have deep, big eyes, and you may feel as if they can see right through you. These children are being referred to as Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children they are intuitive, psychic, and directly connected to source. They have more wisdom than we could ever imagine. These kids are our teachers and we must learn to honor them and put their wisdom to action now. The shift has already begun!


We feel it in the air, it almost feels as if time is speeding up. If you are here reading this you also are chosen. We have been placed here on the earth during this sacred time to help raise the consciousness of the entire planet.


Activate yourself, remember who you are!

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