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A Worldwide Citizens Movement to Establish Interactive Contact With Advanced Star Civilizations. A Collective of 400+ groups from over 53 countries who make contact with ET civilizations.

Author, acclaimed speaker & regular alternative radio circuit guest. george has had an extraordinary life with hundreds of interactions with ET beings.









Weekly 3D Earth Guests

A Message to All Beings

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We are networking together the worlds greatest thinkers and leaders in this global awakening. This image provides inspiration, as well as a focal point, for this global healing and offers a transmission and light of hope for all of humanity.  

The time is now!

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Past Guests

2012 Presidential Candidate Green Party

Harvard Professor, Military intel, & Physicist

Exopolitical Activist & Exec Dir. Paradigm Resr

Worlds #1 Astropsychologist & Hypnotherapist

Worlds #1 Crop Circle Resr, Electrical Engineer

UFO Researcher, New tech. & Film Director

Film Director, Ufo & Crop Circle Researcher

One of the World’s leaders on Ancient Aramaic

Futurist – The Venus Project

Sirius Star Nation & Atlantean Society Rep.

Language of Light, GFOL, & Sacred Geometry


Reser. in Science & Politics, Lecturer & Author

Crystal Skull Reser, Egyptologist, Prehistorian

Millions of individuals all over the planet are now taking part in a global movement to heal the earth and awaken the masses to a better way of living for all.

Weekly 5D New Earth Guests

 Ambassador of Light & Channel for the Orion Council

Astrology forecasts & Cosmic Code Updates!



 Meta- Physics,

& Health


Herbal Medicine for a New Earth

Arcturian Scientist for Technology & on the High Council of Arcturus the most shocking, unusual & quirkiest news

Native American, Chinese Medicine & other herbal medical systems

Occupy Wall Street Organizer, Idle No More Campaign Leader

2012 Presidential  Nominee for Green Party / self-reliance & sustainability

Politics, Earth Changes, Economics, Financial & World Events



Exopolitcs, New Energy Technology (Zero Point)

ACERN, V.P. of Star Kids Project & Exopolitcs

Disclosure Project,  (CSETI), The Orion Project

Monthly Special Report Guests

Bridges diplomacy, journalism, scholarship, U.S. and international politics and education, working in more than 100 countries and speaking & teaching worldwide on 6 continents.

Sacred-Economics, Teacher, Speaker, & Writer

Zeitgeist indep-filmmaker & social activist

Health, Eco, Nutrition, & Natural Beauty Expert

Television Personality, Filmmaker & Philosopher

BLT Research, leading intern. crop cir. research

Author, Acclaimed Speaker, Radio Circuit Guest


Our Universal Journey Home

ET Lets Talk

An independent non-profit in England engaged in ET contact, research & training, encouraging contact with extraterrestrial Earth visitors.

Global Affairs

The latest in World News, Conscious Living,

Health & Wellness, Self-Sustainability, New Technologies, Earth Changes, Global Events,

Spiritual & Galactic News.


Every Weekday

Monday - Friday

8am - 9am PT/11am - noon EST

News Updates

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+ Transmute all EMF signals WiFI, Smart Meters,     Electromagnetic  or any other harmful signal

+ Qunatum Healing Stone filled with "Fullerenes"

+ Promotes Anti Aging properties

+ Heals skin diseases, wounds, burns, cure allergies, diabetes, stomatitis, parodontosis, hair loss, cosmetic defects

Shungite is a mineral with healing power and properties to which nothing else in the world can be compared. Shungite cures, purifies, protects, normalizes, induces recovery and promotes growth in living organisms. Everything which takes a toll on us, is killed; and everything health-giving is concentrated and restored by this miracle rock. Every scientist investigating shungite, declares it to be miraculous.

Shungite - The Stone of Life