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2012 Presidential Candidate Green Party

Harvard Professor, Military intel, & Physicist

Exopolitical Activist & Exec Dir. Paradigm Resr

Worlds #1 Astropsychologist & Hypnotherapist

Worlds #1 Crop Circle Resr, Electrical Engineer

UFO Researcher, New tech. & Film Director

Film Director, Ufo & Crop Circle Researcher

One of the World’s leaders on Ancient Aramaic

Futurist – The Venus Project

Sirius Star Nation & Atlantean Society Rep.

Language of Light, GFOL, & Sacred Geometry

Reser. in Science & Politics, Lecturer & Author

Crystal Skull Reser, Egyptologist, Prehistorian

Millions of individuals all over the planet are now taking part in a global movement to heal the earth and awaken the masses to a better way of living for all.

Exopolitcs, New Energy Technology (Zero Point)

ACERN, V.P. of Star Kids Project & Exopolitcs

Disclosure Project,  (CSETI), The Orion Project

Sacred-Economics, Teacher, Speaker, & Writer

Zeitgeist indep-filmmaker & social activist

Health, Eco, Nutrition, & Natural Beauty Expert

Television Personality, Filmmaker & Philosopher

BLT Research, leading intern. crop cir. research

Author, Acclaimed Speaker, Radio Circuit Guest

Bell wether Post News

STARSEED GOLD -  Gold Saving & Exchange System

Live Earthquake, Volcano & Space Weather Trackers

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